Mr Burns

Date(s) - 24 Jun 2017
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Belvoir Street Theatre


A catastrophe has brought the civilised world to an end. Survivors huddle around a fire, pondering the world without electricity, and the things they will never see again. To console themselves, they piece together an episode of The Simpsons, clinging to one of the few memories they all share.

Fast forward seven years and we’re in a post-apocalyptic society. A troupe of players wander the land, providing connection with a mythic past – by playing out the classic Simpsons episodes: Springfield has become a Golden Age.

Fast forward a generation. A feudal world of sorts has sprung from the ruins, and at its core is an intense religion of musical theatre, featuring a pantheon of strangely recognisable gods…

A play about the stories we tell ourselves, about what is lasting, and what is ephemeral.

There’s a lot of great entertainments in the season this year butMr Burns is just extraordinary. It manages to be a quite profound play about the brutal times we’re entering into, but it does so with such inventiveness and showmanship that the world outside the theatre could end and you wouldn’t notice. And by the way, Mitchell Butel is too talented at too many different things. Come and see him act and sing and dance at Belvoir. Sometimes all at once! – Eamon

Co-produced with State Theatre Company South Australia

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