Info for Patrons

Many venues and production companies are offering GoTheatrical! captioning for selected performances.  Take a look at our What’s On page to see a list of upcoming captioned performances in your State.

There are two types of GoTheatrical! theatre captioning:

Open captioning

Open captioning is captioning displayed on large TV screens positioned either on or to the side of the stage.  Some theatres have two screens, one on either side of the stage, while others have only one screen.

For open captioned performances, you do not need to bring any technology of your own.  You do, however, need to be seated in a specific area of the auditorium to ensure that you can see both the action on stage and the caption screens with ease, within your line of sight, without having to turn your head as if you are watching a tennis match!

Please see our How to book page for information on seating allocation for caption viewing.

App Captioning

Some venues are offering GoTheatrical! captioning via our GoTheatrical! app, rather than having the captions on TV screens.   In this case, you can bring your own mobile or tablet device to the theatre in order to access the live captions.  If you don’t have your own mobile or tablet device, some venues have a small number available to loan patrons.  It is really important that you check with the venue directly to ask about this.

If you are using your own mobile or tablet device, please make sure that you have downloaded our GoTheatrical! app from The App Store or GooglePlay before heading to the venue.  You can find instructions on how to download the app here.

Our GoTheatrical! app has been specifically designed for theatre lighting conditions so that it is not distracting to other patrons.

Once you arrive in the auditorium, please remember to set your phone or tablet device to AIRPLANE MODE, then enable WIFI, and, finally, select DO NOT DISTURB.  This will ensure that you do not receive any phone calls, messages or notifications during the performance.

Please see our How to Book page for information on booking tickets to a GoTheatrical! app captioned performance as seating may be limited to certain areas of the auditorium with strong WIFI signal.

Useful links:

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