BREAKING NEWS!   Thursday, 16 February 2012.

It has just been announced that the first captioned performance in the world to offer patrons theatre captioning on smartphone and tablet devices will be Andrew McKinnon’s production of ‘Dickens’ Women’ at The Playhouse at the Canberra Theatre Centre!

(See our video about the new App at

The Captioning Studio’s new, patented GoTheatrical! App, which was launched by Federal Senator Jan McLucas only last week, will be available for patrons at the matinee (2pm) performance of ‘Dickens Women’  on Saturday, 25 February 2012.

“We’re delighted that both Andrew McKinnon and the Canberra Theatre Centre are sharing in this world-first for theatre captioning”, says Nari Jennings, co-founder of The Captioning Studio.  “The Canberra Theatre Centre was the first venue in the world to offer patrons GoTheatrical! captioning on plasma screens and Andrew McKinnon was the first producer to offer theatre captioning of a production in every venue on its tour, back in 2007.”

Some iPod Touches will be available at the theatre for the use of patrons.  Also, patrons may choose to bring their own smartphones and tablet devices along too.

The GoTheatrical! App is available now from the App Store.  Users need to simply search for ‘GoTheatrical’ in order to download the App.

Theatre captions will also be available on plasma screens, positioned at either side of the stage.

More venues will be offering the GoTheatrical! App to their patrons in the coming weeks, with details to be announced very soon!

For information on how to book tickets for the captioned performance of Dickens’ Women in Canberra: