Noises Off

Date(s) - 12 Aug 2017
4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Playhouse, Arts Centre Melbourne

GoTheatrical! open captioned performance of ‘Noises Off’ on Saturday, 12 August 2017 aty 4pm at Arts Centre Melbourne Playhouse.

Booking Details:

At the time of booking, make sure you let the ticketing staff know that you would like to be seated with a good view of the captioning screen/s and the stage.

About the Production:

A clumsy bombshell; a despotic director; a stuttering actor. It was never going to be easy staging a bedroom farce on tour, with a mediocre cast, but this is complete pandemonium! On stage, it’s a whirl of slamming doors, missed cues, dropped lines and dropped trousers. Backstage, it’s a chaotic maelstrom of love triangles and trampled egos, and there’s no one without an axe to grind … or swing.

Michael Frayn created what many regard as the funniest play ever written, but the perfect demolition requires precise skills, which is good reason to call in director Sam Strong (Jasper Jones, The Speechmaker) to place the detonators and co-ordinate the mayhem. Simon Burke (Devil’s Playground), Ray Chong Nee (Othello) and Libby Munro (DisgracedQTC Season) lead a superbly versatile cast, including MTC favourites Nicki Wendt (The Last Man Standing) and Louise Siversen (True Minds), who gallantly try to keep the show from slipping completely off the rails!

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