Date(s) - 27 Mar 2021
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Canberra Theatre Centre Playhouse

GoTheatrical! Open and App Captioned Performance:  Saturday, 27 March 2021 at 2pm

Please remember to notify Box Office at the time of booking that you would like seats with a good view of both the caption screen and the stage.

Get ready for the best pop concert you’ve never been to.

FANGIRLS follows the uproarious story of Edna, a plucky misfit scholarship girl who believes that she alone can win the heart of the world’s biggest pop star; Harry. Sure, he has 38 million other fans, but for Edna, that’s merely a hurdle. Because there’s nothing she won’t do to meet Harry.

No, really: nothing.

With a dazzling cast (including Aydan from The Voice), inexhaustibly witty dialogue, and heart-pumping, infectious songs, it’s an ode to love that smashes all generational generalisations. Whether or not you’ve ever been a fangirl/boy it will move you and leave you with an involuntary ear-to-ear grin.

Sydney-born FANGIRLS creator Yve Blake is fascinated by the way that society can see a mob of screaming fans as “embarrassing”, if they’re female, and at a pop concert, but “passionate”, if they’re male, and at a footy match. She set out to write the show she wished her 14-year-old self could have seen: a comedy all about the ways that the world tries to convince young women that they’re not as worthy as their brothers.

After an international bidding war amongst major US and UK producers, this gem of a show was poised to take the theatres of the world by storm when suddenly they went dark. Catch this show now and say you were there at the start to experience the wild energy bursting out of this intimate show. Hurry, as this will go off!

Whether you screamed for The Beatles, One Direction, or your footy team in the Grand Final, you will find something to connect with in FANGIRLS.

????? “Do yourself a favour, please see this show.” Courier Mail

????? “This could be the most fun you have in the theatre this year!” Timeout

????1/2 “Fangirls is loud and funny and raw, with a powerful message delivered with sass and joy.” The Sydney Morning Herald

????? “Fangirls is a brilliant, sparkling new Australian musical about young women coming into their power that will have you swapping stories of first concerts and first crushes, and humming the tunes all the way home.” Limelight

“Fangirls is undeniably one of the most perfectly crafted Australian works to hit the stage. Period!” Australian Arts Review

The voices are stellar, the harmonies breath-taking.” InDaily

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