Bakersfield Mist

Date(s) - 5 Aug 2017
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Illawarra Performing Arts Centre (IPAC)

GoTheatrical! open captioned performance of ‘Bakersfield Mist’ on Saturday, 5 August 2017 at 2pm.

Booking Details:

At time of booking, please remember to request seats with a good view of the captioning screen/s.

About The Production:

By Stephen Sachs

John Wood and Julie Nihill star in a comedic tale about art and life.

Based on a true story, Bakersfield Mist is a hilarious and thought-provoking comedy-drama that asks vital questions about what makes art, and people, truly authentic.

Maude (Julie Nihill), an unemployed bartender, bought a painting for a few bucks from an ‘op shop’. Despite almost trashing it, she now thinks it’s a Jackson Pollock worth millions. In fact, she’s certain it is. But when world-class art expert Lionel Percy (Gold Logie Award-winner John Wood) flies over from New York and arrives at her trailer park home in Bakersfield to authenticate the painting, he really has no idea what he’s about to discover.

From the team that brought us 2015’s Sex with Strangers comes a clever and funny examination of the value of art, self-worth, expertise, and the nature of criticism.

Recommended for ages 12+. Contains strong language

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