Our theatre captioning services are provided by Captioning Studio, which is deeply committed to providing quality access solutions for people who are deaf or hearing impaired and people who are blind or have low vision.

Captioning Studio was established in 2004 by its co-founders Nari Jennings and Alex French.  Its focus is on captioning for the arts, education and conferences and live events.


Nari Jennings

A highly experienced captioning professional, Nari is also from a family with a history of genetic deafness and developed a passion for live performance at a young age.   You can read more about Nari’s personal story on Melbourne Theatre Company’s blog.

As well as being a Director of Captioning Studio, Nari is Chairperson of the Australian Theatre Captioning Advisory Group.  She has presented at many industry conferences including the Australian Performing Arts Centre’s Association National Conference and the International Arts and Health Conference.  Nari is also a co-founder of accessible video search engine company Peepable, named Australia’s Coolest Company of 2014 by Anthill Magazine.  Nari’s major passions are accessible technology and the arts.

Alex French

As Director of Captioning Studio, Alex is responsible for the technology which we use to deliver our services to clients.

Alex presented on digital entrepreneurship at the G20 Summit of World Leaders Global Cafe event and at Australia’s leading startup event “Tech23”.

Alex is a co-founder of Peepable, a new video search engine.

For information on our range of captioning services and advanced technology, we would invite you to visit us at captioningstudio.com