GoTheatrical! offers modern technology solutions for captioning and audio description in the arts.

Developed in consultation with the deaf and hard of hearing community, our GoTheatrical theatre captioning technology offers open and closed captioning options. Open captions can be viewed on plasma or LCD screens, while our GoTheatrical! app (now available on GooglePlay and the AppStore) enables patrons to access captions via mobile or tablet devices.

What is unique about our app is that it has been designed specifically for theatre lighting conditions so it does not distract other patrons in the audience.

Our latest development is GoTheatrical AD, the world’s first audio description app for the arts, which revolutionises the quality of live audio description. Developed in consultation with Vision Australia and Access2Arts, GoTheatrical AD is now available to venues as a kit.

When GoTheatrical theatre captioning technology was originally developed by Australian company The Captioning Studio, Australian venues had been using traditional LED captioning technology. Canberra Theatre Centre was the first venue to offer GoTheatrical. Word quickly spread amongst the deaf and hard of hearing community about the high quality of the service and technology, prompting Glen Street Theatre in Sydney to follow Canberra’s lead.

Shortly afterwards, Arts Centre Melbourne received funding to conduct a theatre captioning trial. Over a period of three months, a group of deaf and hard of hearing patrons were invited to attend a number of captioned productions, each one twice – firstly with the traditional LED technology and secondly with the GoTheatrical technology. For each and every production that was part of the captioning trial, the group of patrons unanimously selected GoTheatrical as their preferred choice for viewing theatre captions. At the conclusion of the trial, Arts Centre Melbourne offered GoTheatrical for all future captioned performances, and still does to this day:

“Arts Centre Melbourne has worked with The Captioning Studio for six years to bring live performance to patrons with hearing loss, with great success. Their GoTheatrical technology formed an integral part of our award-winning captioning trial in 2008 and was the clear favourite with audiences – it provides clear, accurate and timely, colour-coded and justified text to allow instant understanding. The Captioning Studio is now Arts Centre Melbourne’s provider of choice for making theatre more accessible.”
James Dipnall, Manager, Visitor Services, Arts Centre Melbourne.

Following the Arts Centre Melbourne trial, Sydney Opera House and Sydney Theatre Company changed over to GoTheatrical, and now GoTheatrical! is the only theatre captioning technology used across Australia.

Expanding Worldwide!

We have more information about our technology on this site, as well as listings of all our GoTheatrical! captioned performances – both open and closed captioning – in Australia.

GoTheatrical! is now available for venues worldwide, so please do contact us for more information.

And we hope you enjoy the show!









The GoTheatrical!™ Team at The Captioning Studio

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