The Comedy of Errors

Date(s) - 26 Oct 2013
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

IPAC Wollongong

Open Captioned Performance on Saturday 26 October at 2pm

Booking details at Please don’t forget to request a seat with a good view of the caption screen, at time of booking.

The Comedy Of Errors

Everybody loves a case of mistaken identity, and this time Shakespeare doubles up on the doubling up with The Comedy of Errors.

Two sets of identical twins are separated at birth when they’re rescued from a shipwreck. When they end up in the same shifty port-town of Ephesus as adults, we join them on their bizarre journey of reconciliation. As they collide unknowingly with each other’s friends and family, it’s not long before this absurd tale of mistaken identity and far-fetched coincidence unfolds into chaotic hilarity.

Director Imara Savage takes on Shakespeare’s well-loved comedy, where sharp banter and comical word-play lure us into a world where characters are reinvented, individuality is fluid, and bigger themes lie just below the surface.

Recommended for ages 12+

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