Date(s) - 12 May 2012
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Fairfax Studio, The Arts Centre

CAPTIONED PERFORMANCE:  Saturday, 12 May 2012 at 2pm

Arts Centre Melbourne presents


“Sundowner succeeds in what it set out to do; engage, educate and entertain.” The Australian
By Kage Physical Theatre in partnership with Alzheimer’s Australia
Sundowner is a major new work combining dance, drama and original composition to reflect the experiences and frustrations of younger onset dementia. 

Through the eyes of three generations, Sundownertells the story of so many Australian families.

Imagine this … It is becoming increasingly difficult to discern the difference between the present and the past, between what is familiar and what is foreign. Events that took place just minutes ago are being constantly erased, while memories that you have been able to keep at bay for decades now come rushing towards you.

The realm of memory remains a great mystery and Sundowner’s Syndrome remains one of the largest unanswered questions. Why is it that just as the sun goes down, so many of those with Alzheimer’s become particularly disorientated and confused?

This breathtaking performance traverses sorrow, fears and human dignity. Ultimately, though, it is a story of love: love of family, love of history, and love of life.

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