Date(s) - 13 Mar 2013
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Glen Street Theatre, Belrose

Duration: 1hr20 minutes

Devised by KAGE. Written by David Denborough

“It’s the strangest thing. No longer being able to tell what is the past and what is the present. It seems that events that took place only minutes ago are now being erased while memories I have been able to hold at bay for decades suddenly come rushing towards me.”
The realm of memory remains a great mystery. Through the eyes of three generations, Sundowner tells the story of so many Australian families. If a loved one starts to lose their memories, what role can we play in holding on to them? And how can we care for them in the present while honouring their memory?
Starring Helen Morse, Sundowner combines theatre, dance and physicality in a story of lament and, at times, grief and sorrow. Ultimately though, this is a story of love: love of family, love of history and love of life.

“Morse is splendid…Director Kate Denborough seizes every opportunity to bring to life the collisions between the past and the present happening in the woman’s mind.”
The Australian

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