Straight White Men

Date(s) - 11 Jun 2016
4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne

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By Young Jean Lee:

Director Sarah Giles takes on the razor-edged new comedy from one of American theatre’s most acute observers of race and identity, Young Jean Lee.

Christmas is for family, and brothers Matt, Jake and Drew gather at their Dad’s house for the usual observances of the holiday season, adding a few rituals of their own, such as playing politically-correct board games and worrying about what Mum would think. Although she’s been dead for some time now, their liberal, feminist mother still casts a vast shadow. She taught them how being heterosexual white males gives them an unfair advantage in America. But, as carefree youth gives way to mid-life anxiety, privileged is the last thing they feel.

In her razor-edged new comedy, Young Jean Lee, one of American theatre’s most acute observers of race and identity, pokes fun at the luckiest social group in modern society.

With equal parts of irony and understanding Sarah Giles takes on the most talked about play of the recent New York season. Steve Mouzakis (Death and the Maiden, The Cherry Orchard) returns to the Company to play the most sensitive of these sensitive new age brothers.

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