Sleeping Horses Lie

Date(s) - 5 Jun 2012
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Theatre Royal Hobart

Captioned Performance: Tuesday, 5 June at 2pm

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Sally Saber wanted to be like a tiger; sharp and unafraid. But there was never anything to fear. Her parents made sure Sally was always safe. Until one night Sally found she was the only one awake in her house. Everything familiar suddenly turned strange.

This would be no ordinary night.

Thrust into a fantastical adventure, Sally’s story is narrated by Wilma and Wilbur, a wandering sister and brother act that could be straight from the streets of Dickens London. Sally’s journey is populated with unforgettable characters and challenges of courage and ingenuity, as she finds the strength within to find her way back home.

Poetic, magical and hilarious, Sleeping Horses Lie is for anyone who’s ever dreamed of charging off on horseback for the adventure of their lives, returning home, the same, but different.

Mixing performance, songs, puppetry and animations, Sleeping Horses Lie is an inspiring, action packed theatrical experience that will fill your family with laughter and creativity.

Theatre for the whole family (recommended 5+).

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