Pirates of Penzance

Date(s) - 13 Oct 2012
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Canberra Theatre Centre

Captioned Performance in The Canberra Theatre


A modern twist honouring an all time favourite.

Described as “a delight from start to finish” Sasha Regan’s Pirates is a very new take on one of the most popular and loved works of Gilbert and Sullivan today.

Far from being museum pieces, Gilbert and Sullivan were the Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart of their day, constantly updating their work with satirical, social and political references.

Regan’s extraordinary all-male production of this musical classic continues this tradition of G&S as living theatre. Exquisitely funny, this show is a must-see for fans of all things musical, comedy and high camp!

An international hit, Sasha Regan’s Pirates is a G&S extravaganza and this award-winning version is a loving recreation with a twist that makes it as relevant today as ever.


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