My Sister Jill

Date(s) - 21 Oct 2023
1:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Southbank Theatre, The Sumner

Against the backdrop of 1950s and 60s suburban Melbourne and in the wake of the Second World War, multi-award-winning writer Patricia Cornelius delivers a poetic, heart-rending tale that unpacks the shadow of war, and the trauma it leaves behind.

The youngest of Jack and Martha’s five children, Christine idolises her father, especially his stories of wartime heroics. She cannot understand why her siblings – Jill, Johnnie and twins Door and Mouse – don’t share her love for their dad. Jill, meanwhile doesn’t understand why their mum puts up with him. As Christine watches on, one by one her siblings start to rebel against the tumultuous environment they are growing up in. Once fascinated by her father’s war stories, they slowly start to lose their shine as the conflict in Vietnam intensifies and war once again becomes front of mind for the family.

Adapted from her own novel for the stage, My Sister Jill is an MTC NEXT STAGE Original from one of Australia’s most revered writers. Working with her long-time collaborator Susie Dee (their previous collaboration, SHIT, was celebrated at the Teatro Biennale di Venezia in 2019) and starring Sophie Ross (What Rhymes with Cars and Girls), Patricia Cornelius has crafted a moving family drama that elegantly captures the spirit and struggle of a generation of Australians postworld war. A compelling and ultimately hopeful coming-of-age story, it has all the makings of an Australian classic.

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