Date(s) - 20 Jun 2015
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Illawarra Performing Arts Centre (IPAC)

Captioned Performance:  Saturday, 20 June 2015 at 2pm

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At the time of booking, please request seats with a good view of the captioning screen.


Winner of Brisbane theatre’s Matilda Awards for Best Mainstage Production and Best Design, Kelly is a thrilling and beautifully conceived play that portrays the infamous cult heroes of the Kelly gang in a totally new light.

Ned Kelly is about to hang for his crimes, but his final night in prison is interrupted by the arrival of his brother Dan, disguised as a priest. Supposedly killed at the siege of Glenrowan, Dan is intent on moving north to Queensland and forgetting his past. To do so, he needs Ned’s blessing and forgiveness. But the last time they saw each other, Dan tried to shoot Ned dead.

Dramatically entwining fact, theory and myth, Kelly is a smartly written, complex and gripping tale of masculinity, brotherhood and the dangerous dynamic of mateship. Steven Rooke delivers a thrilling, powerhouse performance as Ned Kelly.

Recommended for ages 15+. Contains strong language, violence and adult themes.

• Kelly is a subtle, smart imagining of Ned Kelly’s last night alive, charged with unfulfilled potential and torturous regret, and deeply moving to the bitter end.”  ????½ – The Age

• “Brilliantly directed by Australian stage and television veteran Todd MacDonald, Kelly is a beautifully conceived character drama. It hinges on the charisma and competence of a tiny cast to deliver a tightly coiled, fascinating script” –The Age

• “Nothing in this production is overstated, which contributes to its absolute success…. A stunning, exalting and truly authentic piece of theatre” ????½ – Artshub

• “This provocative, engaging play may become our next Australian classic” – Stage Whispers

• “Kelly is a 90 minute roller-coaster ride in a jail cell and every Australian should take it.”   – XSentertainment

 “A well thought out play, well written and designed and with some absolutely whopping acting talent in it…” –

• “Sensitively directed, subtly lit and economically designedKelly will go down in history as one of the better re-tellings of this great legend” – Curtain Call, Crikey

• Kelly is a slick and impressive production… the exceptional talents of Steven Rooke (Ned) kept the audience absolutely riveted…Matthew Ryan is an impressive writer and Kelly is perfectly polished down to every single word. It’s a magnificent piece”  – Aussie Theatre

• “The first question that always springs to mind when yet another Kelly Gang story is released, is do we need another Kelly Gang story? If this question is being asked of Matthew Ryan’s latest script Kelly… the answer is YES, YES and more YES!” – Aussie Theatre

Todd MacDonald

Set Designer
Simone Romaniuk

Lighting Designer
Ben Hughes

Composer/Sound Designer
Guy Webster

Fight Director
Niki-J Price

Cast includes
Steven Rooke

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