Julius Caesar

Date(s) - 13 Aug 2011
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Canberra Theatre Centre Playhouse

Bell Shakespeare Co: ‘JULIUS CAESAR’

Captioned Performance: Saturday, 13 August 2pm at The Playhouse, Canberra

To see the future, one must only look to the past.

Like many who came before him and after him, Julius Caesar had the support of the people but the loathing of the players.

They conspired. They persuaded. They whispered it was for the good of the country. All they needed to succeed was Brutus. Poor patriotic Brutus. He was like a son to Caesar and a poster boy for the republic. But not even a front-man of such unimpeachable integrity could avert the total and utter disaster their daggers set in motion.

Peter Evans, Bell Shakespeare’s new Associate Artistic Director, takes this momentous piece of Roman history and transports it to the corridors of backroom politics. This time, when Caesar gets the axe, it’s the media who roar like an angry mob.

This sharp political drama puts friendship to the test and reveals a stark contrast between our intentions and our actions. With Alex Menglet as Caesar and Kate Mulvany as the conniving Cassius, we go behind the scenes as yet another leader is forced from office.

Category: Theatre

Duration: Approximately 150 minutes, inclusive of interval

Venue: The Playhouse

Warning: TBC

Suit Children: TBC

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