Green Park

Date(s) - 28 Jan 2022
7:45 PM - 8:45 PM

Green Park

Captioned performance
Friday, 28 January 2022 at 7:45pm
Captions will be accessible via an app on your own device. There are no screens at the venue

Griffin Theatre Company

You’ve walked past it. Maybe through it. A leafy idyll by day, at night it’s something else. Green Park – just metres from Darlinghurst’s fabled Wall – has long been a place to meet under cover of darkness.
Written by Elias Jamieson Brown, Green Park shows us two men on a Grindr date. There’s an age gap (but what’s a decade or three?), a case of catfishing, and a dangerous secret in the works. In an hour’s time, these men will leave Green Park profoundly changed. Maybe you will, too.Outside the rotunda, audience members will be outfitted with a set of headphones to eavesdrop on this delicate, tension-filled encounter. To everyone else, the two men talking on a bench might not look like much, but in the gloom of the setting sun, you’ll experience a dangerous psycho-sexual collision in a very public place.Joseph Althouse and Steve Le Marquand reprise their roles in this critically acclaimed production directed by Declan Greene, Artistic Director of Griffin Theatre Company.

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