Australia Day

Date(s) - 1 Sep 2012
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Canberra Theatre Centre Playhouse


Sizzling drama, overcooked local politics and sausages!

Australia Day: a day off work, an excuse to fire up the barbie, an opportunity to drink copious amounts of beer and, most importantly, a celebration of our national identity… whatever that is.

For the members of the Australia Day committee in the small country town of Coriole, the issue of cultural identity is prickly to say the least. If they could agree on what kind of Australia they are celebrating, they might be able to tackle the really big questions: is a sausage sizzle too monocultural? And should the special needs kids be forced to perform their dance routine on the national day?

Suffice to say that with a committee comprising of an ambitious Liberal Mayor, a Greens Councillor, a bigoted builder, an Australian born Vietnamese school teacher and a member of the CWA, rolling out the Australia Day celebrations will be as complex and controversial as carbon pricing.

This wickedly funny new play from the stalwart of political satire, Jonathan Biggins, was inspired by his own experiences as an Australia Day Ambassador. Comic genius and director, Richard Cottrell, and an all star cast complete this satirical delight.


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